Summer of Style

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your client sits down in your chair.  You wrap the cape around them with a flourish, spin them to face the mirror and say....."How do you want your hair cut today?"  The client is not thinking about how they are just going to look today.  No no no it's almost May, summer is almost here.  The summer of style!  The client wants a look that will change their life.   A style that will bring back the fun, bring back the good times.  We've been down for two years.  We have all given up things, made sacrifices, maybe even had to forgo the six syllable latte.  We are all tired of that.  Give us color, give us shape, give us style!  Look at that eager face, they are ready.  Be inspired, be creative,  give them what they need...Change.

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